A Solution for the healthy snacking

Sensible Portions® brand is the next generation in healthy foods. We promise to deliver the highest quality ingredients without ever sacrificing taste and hunger satisfaction. Processing innovation and extensive research and development is how we create our line of unique, great tasting snacks. Our convenient packaging provides built-in portion control or Sensible Suggestions to meet the lifestyle demands of healthier eating in a fast-paced world.

The key to a healthy diet is moderation and eating healthier is a lifestyle change. Choosing our snacks instead of regular potato chips or other fatty snacks is one easy way to start eating better. Our products are better for you, satisfy your cravings, and taste great while you eat less…. The concept is easy: if you eat less, you consume fewer calories.


• Sensible Portions® has zero trans fats, no preservatives and is cholesterol-free

• The “Sensible Seal” helps consumers to control the portions they eat

• Sensible Portions® offers unique products that taste great

• Allows consumers to eat better without sacrificing taste

• Kosher certified

Crunchy, light and crispy.

Snacking should be fun! This fun straw-shaped chips is a light and airy treat built for the seasoned snacker. Each «straw» is a masterful blend of garden veggies, with  less fat than the leading potato chip. Grab a handful and enjoy!

Your favorite snack food… now in a straw!

Not only do these straws taste great, but they’re lower in fat and calories when compared to regular chips. So leave the greasy fingers behind and enjoy the same great taste of potato chips in a sensible way with these Potato Straws. Enjoy a healthy serving of 38 straws that have less fat than your traditional potato chip!

Dip it. Spread it. Top it. FANTASTIC!

Sensible Portions® Pita Bites™ are so versatile you can dip, top, spread, or munch these baked bites right from the box. Good for you , Pita Bites™ are, cholesterol free, and contain no trans fat. Enjoy a generous serving size of 9 crackers for just 120 calories, 30 from fat. Packed with flavour, and available in Garlic & Chive and Sea Salt, this snack is anything but boring.