MaraNatha® an irresistible and healthy indulgence!

MaraNatha® Process

MaraNatha® brand nut butters are the perfect choice for nut-lovers who enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We only use the highest quality ingredients and inspect every product for safety at each point in the production process - from raw materials to the jarred nut butters - to provide our consumers with great tasting products.

Why does the oil separate on top of some MaraNatha® nut butters?

Oil separation occurs naturally in the organic and natural nut butters because there are no added ingredients to inhibit the separation between the nut oil and nut butter. It is recommended to stir before using it.

What about No Stir nut butters?

A small amount of natural palm oil is added to inhibit the separation between the nut oil & nut butter. Adding the palm oil results in a nut butter that does not need to be stirred and spreads easily. The palm oil is being used is not hydrogenated, contains zero trans-fat and is lower in saturated fat than regular butter. It’s a vegetable oil and is cholesterol free.