Hain-Celestial Canada makes Gluten Free Easy & Delicious!

We understand that following a gluten free lifestyle is challenging and many products lack taste. At Hain-Celestial Canada we are dedicated to providing a variety of wholesome, great-tasting gluten free products to support your diet.

We provide a broad selection of delicious gluten free products in a variety of categories that include:

  • TERRA® Chips

  • Garden of Eatin’® Snacks

  • Dream® Non-Dairy Beverages & Frozen Desserts

  • Arrowhead Mills™ Pasta

  • Celestial Seasonings® Teas

And selected items on some brands which are the following:

  • Yves® Cuisine

  • Imagine® Soups & Broths

  • Spectrum™ Mayonnaise   

  • MaraNatha® Nut Butters

We pride ourselves on monitoring every step from ingredient sourcing and handling through manufacturing, to ensure these finished products are gluten free.


* For the full list of Gluten Free products go to Our Products section, select Gluten Free under By Product Benefit.