Staying Healthy on Vacation

Staying Healthy on Vacation

Posted by Joy McCarthy on Aug 23, 2012 | Wellness And Balance

When you go on vacation do you simply accept the fact you will pack on an extra 5-7 lbs after a week or two of relaxation? I have wonderful news for you, it doesn’t have to be this way!

There are some simple tips you can follow that will ensure you stay on track with your wellness goals but don’t feel deprived and still enjoy every delicious moment of vacation.

Think veggie-centric. Meaning, at lunch and dinner fill at least half your plate with vegetables – even better if they are leafy greens! Basically, make veggies the superstar of your meals. Vegetables are a rich source of fibre (especially kale and arugula) to keep your belly fuller longer, which means you are more likely to resist the dessert menu. Bursting with nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, vegetables will feed your cells with the raw materials to create good energy all day long.

Drink alcohol moderately. Alcohol is essentially sugar when broken down in the body. Excess sugar converts to fat. And more often than not, this is why people gain weight while on vacation. So drink moderately. While vacation is not the time to do a detox, you can make smart choices about when and how much. Instead of cocktails at 1pm, wait until dinner and choose wisely. A glass of wine is going to be much kinder to your waistline then three gigantic pina coladas.

Move your body every day. While you may not be hitting the gym the same way you do at home, make sure you still get your heart rate up every single day. Being on vacation is a great way to inject pleasurable exercise into every day such as walking around a new town or going for a bike ride to see the sights instead of driving everywhere.

Eat dessert, but not after every meal.  Just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean you have to try dessert after every main meal. If you typically don’t eat dessert at home, why start now? Instead, eat dessert wisely and indulge in a quality that you really want. If you are at an Italian restaurant that makes their own gelato in-house and you still have room for dessert, then definitely try it out. Just make wise choices and don’t overdo it.

Don’t skimp on sleep. Getting a good night’s rest while on vacation will ensure you are energised for a day’s worth of fun activities. Studies prove, if you get less than 6 hours of sleep, you will be more inclined to reach for those refined carbs and indulge in sugary snacks. A well-rested body will be ready for a hike, swim or walk and staying active will ensure you don’t come back from vacation feeling heavy and in need of a detox!