Is it time for a Social Detox?

Is it time for a Social Detox?

Posted by Joy McCarthy on May 17, 2012 | Wellness And Balance

About five years ago I attended a six-week workshop called “The Evolution Group”. The second week’s theme was wellness and the creator, Stuart Knight asked me to prepare a speech to present about nutrition as it relates to wellness. In lieu of payment for speaking, I took his six-week class for free. It was a good deal worth making because I got more than I bargained for

I will never forget the fifth class which theme was relationships and editing your social circle, also know as doing a “social detox”. Being a nutritionist, I knew a lot about detoxing, but not in this context. I was intrigued as Stuart explained that in order to live our lives to the fullest we must have the courage to let go of those who bring us down and quite literally “promote” those who support us, challenge us and encourage us.

In a nutshell, he encouraged all 30 students to edit our social circle with an activity I’m going to explain to you. 

Take out sheet of paper and create three columns. The headings are as follows: Neutral, Promote and Dump. Now before you feel uncomfortable with the word “dump”, you don’t have to actually break up with your best friend since pre-school, but you do need to seriously evaluate ALL your relationships.

For the neutral column, write down all your friends that you feel neither here nor there about.  Meaning, they don’t add a lot to your life, but they also don’t bring you down. This might be the category that you place most of your acquaintances in.

The next column is for those you really want to solidify your bond with and “promote” them so to speak. How do you do this? Well, the sky is the limit – but the idea is that you need to let them know why they are so amazing! Take them out for dinner or go for a tea date, write them a card – make them feel special. The point is that you tell them how much they mean to you and how much joy they bring to your life.

The last column can be very intimidating (at least it was for me). This is the “dump” column. No one ever needs to see this sheet of paper but you, so don’t feel guilty! This column is to be taken seriously. These are people who just don’t bring very much goodness into your life. In fact, they may bring you down or leave you feeling zapped of energy just by being in their presence.

For those that need to be dumped, you simply spend MORE time with those that need to be promoted and you will naturally have less time for those in the third column.  

The universe works in magical ways and you will find that your life is enriched, your happiness will soar and your relationships will become more meaningful when you surround yourself with positive loving people who you admire, feel inspired by and encourage you (and vice versa).

Social detoxing isn’t so bad, now is it?