9 Smart Ideas to Enjoy a Healthier Winter

9 Smart Ideas to Enjoy a Healthier Winter

Posted by Hain Celestial on | A Healthier Way of Life


It’s the same thing every winter, not to say every New Year: We resolve to basically turn our life upside down at the stroke of midnight, from training more to eating healthier, working less, spending more time with family and friends. While resolutions can represent a great step forward, few survive the cold reality of winter. Don’t fret. With a little common sense and creativity, here are 9 winning strategies to make this the best season yet!


Did you know it’s easier to keep resolutions when you try to change one thing at a time? It takes 21 days for any lifestyle change to stick, then another 6 months to turn it into a healthy habit. Here are 3 goals you may want to set yourself, one by one, mind you.

1. Try VB6: The epitome of flexitarianism, the Vegan Before 6 trend has been sweeping the nation thanks to New York Times columnist Mark Bittman. It’s simple: you eat a vegan diet before 6 pm, then enjoy whatever you feel like in the evenings! For details and free recipes visit markbittman.com.

2. Go dairy-free: There’s many reasons why people go dairy-free, from animal welfare concerns to seeking reduced exposure to antibiotics, better digestion, weight loss etc. Start by introducing small changes to your diet, like switching from milk to DREAM dairy-free beverages. This month’s featured recipe of Vegan Almond-Coconut cupcakes goes to prove that even great pastry can be dairy-free! For total comfort, try Creamy Hearty Oatmeal, Garlic Mashed Potato and Vegan Mushroom Gravy.

3. Play with protein: It used to be that, when exploring alternative sources of protein, you had to choose between tofu, beans, grains, tempeh and seitan. Now, brands like Yves Veggie Cuisine have upped the bar. Packed with protein, they come in multiple guises, from burgers to deli meats to ground round, which is ideally suited to pasta dishes and kid-tested meatloaf.



Taking better care of yourself goes beyond nutrition, of course. Winter can be hard on both body and soul, which is why it’s so important to pamper yourself to feel better inside and out.

4. Do-it-yourself skin care: Turn everyday or organic ingredients into top-of-the-line skin care for a few dollars. (They make great hostess gifts too!) For a great sea salt scrub, place 1 cup coarse sea salt in a container, pour over 1/2 cup sweet almond or liquid coconut oil and a few drops of essential oil in your favourite fragrance: citrus, rosemary etc. Stir and voilà!

5. Refresh your skin to go: Cold can be your beauty friend! Keep skin toners in the refrigerator for a truly skin-sparkling clean that invigorates. Remember to never throw those used chamomile tea bags away! Chill and place 5 minutes on puffy eyes to reduce swelling.

6. Soothe body and spirit: Moisturizing is key in winter. To keep feet smooth and hydrated, rub with a mix of olive oil and sweet almond oil, put on socks and keep on all night. Pure magic! You can also use lavender-scented hand cream before bed to relax even more.



7. Family Theme Night: Organize a camping night in the living room with a tent, sleeping bags and torch lights. For a sun-fun Latin-themed party, take out the piñatas, sombreros, beach towels and bathing suits, then serve a Mexican inspired meal.

8. Winter Scavenger Hunt: Invite the neighbours for a winter scavenger hunt using toys, edible goodies etc., then call everybody in for some hot chocolate. Per cup: Simmer a stick of cinnamon in 1 cup hot coconut milk for 10 min, add in 1 tbsp cocoa powder and sugar (or more to taste), a drop of vanilla extract and pinch of salt. For multiple cups, multiply quantities except cinnamon.

9. Hit the Snow: Entertain the kids for mere pennies. Fill plastic water bottles with different coloured dies and invite them to draw away on the snow. Or build a snowman… upside down. Fun, free, fantastic!

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