Rolling Cart, Folded Taco

Rolling Cart, Folded Taco

Posted by Hain Celestial on | A Healthier Way of Life

The food truck is a success!” yelled one teacher at Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School on a sunny mid-April day. FoodShare’s Rolling Cart has wheels and heat but it isn’t quite a truck. The pilot project dishes up healthy lunches in schools that don’t have operating cafeterias and on this day the dish was tacos.

The Rolling Cart housed everything needed for tasty tacos including chicken and veggie fillings, guacamole, cheese, tomatoes and bright salads. As the bell rang at 11:20am, students and teachers gathered around the cart and purchased two tacos for three dollars, a dollar extra for those wanting cranberry raisin cookies. Tray after tray of fresh salad replenished the rolling cart, with most students answering, “Yes!” when asked if they wanted salad on the side. 

Alannah, Stuart and Tomas, FoodShare staff, quickly assembled warm tacos and salad while engaging with students as they paid for the delicious food. All the food is prepped in the FoodShare kitchen, then transported to the school and served to hungry students and teachers. The line formed quickly, due in part to the school’s student council promotion. As the PA screamed about New York trips and social council, students patiently waited in line for what smelled like a treat. 

A part of the Good Food Café family, FoodShare hopes that the Rolling Cart can revive good food in schools where the cafeterias no longer operate and students have fewer options for healthy food. The menu is culturally sensitive, changing to feed tastes and reflect the menu of street food carts around the world. 

Ultimately, school food is about providing nutrition and health in a way that works. When the food is good, we see how willing students are to pay for quality. Like one passerby said, “how can you say no to tacos?”

Constant support from organizations like Hain-Celestial Canada helps FoodShare Toronto deliver innovative programs like the Rolling Cart.