Get Cooking & Creating with Baby Food Pouches

Get Cooking & Creating with Baby Food Pouches

Posted by Hain Celestial on Apr 22, 2015 | A Healthier Way of Life


Fruit and veggie pouches are more than a convenient way to prevent messes, organize outings or hit the road in a jiffy. Bursting with great taste and packed with vitamins and minerals, they can also be incorporated into family recipes or sub as healthy toppings. Find out how their versatility makes these popular food pouches a tasty addition to your everyday cooking!

Get cooking with the best

More parents are turning to organic baby food and it’s no wonder. After all, organic products like Earth’s Best® and Ella’s Kitchen® start with the best produce nature has to offer, real fruit and vegetables grown without pesticides or fertilizers that may otherwise end up into your kids’ food. They don’t add extra salt or sugars, artificial colours or flavours, and are gluten-free. That’s reassuring, right?

But did you know fruit and veggie pouches also deliver unexpected solutions to life’s little bumps in the road? For example, they can replace sugary lollipops to prevent painful ear popping on airplanes! So Earth’s Best® asked its biggest fans (parents!) how puree and pouches have changed their lives for the better. Here are some of the imaginative, even unexpected, answers they received.

  • For a delish Mac’n Cheese, cut back on butter by combining a pouch of Earth’s Best® Pear Butternut Squash with plain Greek yogurt. Mixed with a little tomato sauce, it also makes a great sauce for whole wheat pasta.
  • For fruity oatmeal, combine regular oats with a pouch of wholesome breakfast Banana Blueberry and top with fresh-diced fruit. For a super smooth and moist banana bread, try adding it to batter also.
  • Yes, babies love smoothies too! Mix a pouch of Peach Mango with some milk, plus a pinch of cocoa powder.
  • Jazz up a bowl of cooked quinoa or brown rice with an Apple Sweet Potato pouch for added sweetness and goodness.

Did you know you can also replace half the oil in most cakes and quick breads with fruity pouches. More flavour, less oil, we love that!

Get creative with packaging

The environmental impact of packaging can be a concern, we get that. Instead of throwing away empty containers, why not use green creativity to reuse them? After all, since they serve to package and preserve food, baby food jars and pouches are sturdy as well as leak- and water-proof, meaning they’re perfect for DIY holders of any kind!

  • Perfectly-sized, baby food jars are perfect to store your arts and crafts supplies, cute buttons, decorative pins, and sundry small objects.
  • Jars also come in handy in the kitchen, to store small quantities of spices and herbs for example.
  • Create the cutest little herb garden out of Earth’s Best® jars and teach your little ones about the wonder of homegrown foods. Just rinse, add potting soil and seeds, line them on the windowsill and follow their progress. (Why not surprise tots by sneaking in a flower bulb among the seeds. Watching their wonder? Priceless.) Come spring, the two of you can transplant the lot outside.

Did you know there are even Pinterest pages devoted to recycling baby food jars and pouch caps like this one? What a great opportunity to inspire kids and teach them about reusing everyday items!

Do you cook with fruit and vegetable pouches? Any fun idea on how to recycle them? Head over to our Facebook page and share your insights. Who knows, you may also become the star of an upcoming blog article right here! :)