10 Great Ways to Enjoy Greek-Style Yogurt

10 Great Ways to Enjoy Greek-Style Yogurt

Posted by Hain Celestial on | A Healthier Way of Life


A super food high in protein, Greek-style yogurt's fresh taste and creamy texture add loads of flavour and appeal to any recipe. As we settle into our back-to-school routine of quick breakfasts, brown bag lunches and snack attacks, here are 10 great ideas to ensure kids get all the protein they need to perform in school, thanks to this A+ ingredient.

A better breakfast

1. Jiffy Fruit Parfaits: In a bowl or parfait cup, layer fruit, granola and Greek-style yogurt. Switch it up by using flavoured Greek Gods® yogurt like Honey Vanilla or Honey Strawberry. Or go for gooey goodness by heating up some honey and pouring it on the cold yogurt. 

2. Protein + Omelets: Increase protein by adding Greek-style yogurt to your egg-based dishes. You can't control how much of their lunchbox your kids will eat, but you can make sure they leave for school on a full stomach. Try these delicious Rancheros Scrambled Eggs and taste the difference. 

3. Baked Goodness: You can also substitute Greek-style yogurt for milk in many muffins and fruit breads, or use it as a filling in crepes like these kid friendly Fruit Stuffed Cheese Crepes.


A healthier snack

4. Dips Galore: Nothing beats dips to help meet your daily fruit and vegetable requirements. Avoid the additives in ready-made dips by preparing your own, like this family-favourite tzaziki: Combine 1 cup plain Greek style yogurt, 1 finely-grated English cucumber, 2 cloves minced garlic, 1 tbsp lemon juice and some fresh dill. Season to taste and dip away! 

5. Power Smoothies: Turn your favourite smoothie into a power snack by using protein-rich Greek-style yogurt. Here's a tasty recipe to start experimenting. 

6. Yo-Fruit Pops: Celebrate Indian Summer with the last fruit pops of the season. Skewer fresh or frozen fruit on wooden skewers, then dip in Honey Greek style yogurt and freeze. Healthy made easy!


A nutritious lunch or dinner

7.  Wrap It Up: For a more nutritious pasta salad, wrap or sandwich, replace mayonnaise in part or in full with plain Greek style yogurt flavoured your way: with crumbled feta and oregano, a dash of sriracha and honey or the tzaziki dip from above. It's all good! 

8. Creamy Soups: Use Greek-style yogurt instead of heavy cream to give soups their luscious appeal while boosting nutrition. This Roasted Tuscan Vegetable Soup is a super recipe to start experimenting. 

9. Savoury Flair: Greek-style yogurt also makes for great savoury fish toppings, chicken and world cuisine favourites like Indian food. In this must-try Cucumber Raita, it provides fresh, tangy relief from the delicious heat of chili and garam masala. Vegetarian nirvana.


And super desserts too!

10. Mouth-watering Sweets: Finally, Greek-style yogurt helps turn desserts into a protein bonanza such as this Panna cotta or this month's featured recipe: a decadent Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse!

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