10 Simple & Healthy Ways To Enjoy Fall Eating And Living

10 Simple & Healthy Ways To Enjoy Fall Eating And Living

Posted by Hain Celestial on Oct 22, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life


As days shorten and temperatures drop, we find ourselves craving comfort. We tend to hibernate and move less while piling on heavy, feel-good carbs (Halloween sugar fix and holiday eating anyone?). Yet it's possible to find the comfort we seek, and eat the food we crave, with a few healthy-living tricks and a surprisingly scrumptious vegetarian diet. Here's how…

In the kitchen

1. Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month this October and beyond by discovering tasty meat alternatives. This month's star recipe, a comforting Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie with Parmesan Sweet Potato Topping, is a perfect example of fall food done better…and lighter.

2. Revisit cold-weather classics by exploring the recipe-friendly line-up of Yves Veggie ground meats. Tweaking old favourites like lasagna, chili and meat loaf into hearty vegetarian options is easier than you think!

3. Choose better carbs, like whole grains. They are great at keeping sugar spikes and afternoon munchies at bay. Is there anything more soul-satisfying than a bowl of comfy oatmeal to start the day?

4. Eat seasonally. Nature actually provides the carb-rich foods our bodies crave come fall. Think squash, pumpkin and sweet potatoes, from great sides like these Sweet Potatoes with Rosemary to holiday-ready Pumpkin Dream Pie.

5. Go for colour. Load up on “colour-fall” fruit that put the healthy in any dessert or snack. I know these Easy Fruit Strudel and tasty Blueberry Coffeecake are some of my must-bake recipes this fall. Finally, instead of coffee, warm up and wind down with antioxidant-rich green tea.

In your life

6. Keep moving. Beyond better food choices, enrolling in an exercise class or exploring a new sport is a great way to keep up your energy. Some activities like yoga, Pilates and martial arts keep you active AND lower stress levels. On the go, enjoy a protein shake by blending together 1 cup almond milk, 2 tsp honey or maple syrup, and 1 ½ cup frozen and/or fresh fruit. To this basic recipe, add vanilla, peanut butter (great with banana!), fresh mint or greens like spinach and kale.

7. Boost your vitamin D intake to keep away those winter blues. With shorter days, we get less sun and our levels of vitamin D drop. Vitamin D is extremely beneficial for enhancing our mood and helping prevent Season Affective Disorder. Start the day with a tall glass of enriched rice milk: it provides you with 50% of your vitamin D daily recommended intake, plus it is delicious.

8. Reach out to friends and warm yourself with good company. Organize parties, plan brunches (you'll want to try this Holiday Spiced Pear and Berry Crumb Pie or Raspberry Almond Tart), and get that positive energy flowing!

9. Rejoice in the changes brought about by fall. Bring out the couch throws, light up some candles (next to a warm bubbly bath, why not!), start up the fireplace, and cuddle with the kids. Indulge in those little pleasures of life we shelve during summer.

10. Try to keep to a regular sleep routine. As light decreases, our brain produces more melatonin, the "sleep hormone" responsible for our need to hibernate. Sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day will keep you alert, refreshed and, above all, ready to enjoy life to the fullest!

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