10 Ideas to Beat the November Blues

10 Ideas to Beat the November Blues

Posted by Hain Celestial on Nov 11, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

With its grey skies, biting cold and shorter days, November can leave many of us feeling down and gloomy. This year, don't let the blues get the better of you! Fight back and keep your spirits up with these 10 feel-great food ideas and fall beauty tips that foster wellness, inside and out.


1. Just add broth

For an instant snack that's both light and comforting, nothing beats a steaming cup of organic broth. Enjoy it plain and delicious; amp the veggies with frozen peas and corn; or flavour with grated ginger and soy sauce. It's all good.

2. Soup's on!

No time for cooking? Organic soups provide the nutrition you need in a jiffy. Simply put, they're in a class of their own. Heat up some canned Health Valley Organic or, my personal favourite, a portable cup of Black Beans Nile Spice ready in 5 minutes.

3. Pour the love

A spot of tea really does help. Explore the world of feel-good "wellness teas" with their unique benefits: camomile to improve sleep, mint to aid digestion, or lemon to brighten your mood.

4. Jazz it up!

Need to change things up? Personalize your favourite tea to your taste. Add fresh mint and sugar for a Moroccan mint tea; chai and almond milk for a Chai Latte; or hibiscus flowers and star anise for a Red Delight. Anything goes!

5. Pleasing pairings

Invite friends to come over and rediscover the ritual of afternoon tea. Prepare a few dainty sandwiches, bake up some dessert like these Cherry-Berry Burst Muffins, and pair with a nice cup of tea. Try croissants with a fruity green tea; cucumber sandwiches with Darjeeling; or anything-chocolate with English Breakfast.


6. Pamper yourself

Pampering does a body good. Revitalize your beauty regimen and feel your spirit soar! For starters, you'll want to hydrate from top to bottom with a gentle, buttery lotion, because when you look better, you feel better.

7. Touch of cream

Fruity soaps, gels and body mists are great fun in summer, but your skin now needs something gentler with more hydrating power. Look for body washes with aloe vera, calming lavender or tea, scented with fall-ready aromas like green apple or orchard pear.

8. Great hair days

With non-stop sun and fun in the (chlorinated) pool, summer sure takes a toll on your hair and scalp. Come fall, you want to condition with hair treatments and use shampoos with gentle botanicals and vitamins to bring out luscious highlights.

9. Makeup makeover

Even makeup needs a makeover in the fall! Time to shuck that clumpy mascara and switch to a more hydrating lipstick. Did you know minerals are not just good for your body, they're also great for your skin? Explore this healthy beauty trend and discover the new mineral-based makeups with soybean, seaweed extract and essential oils. Great for this fall's on-trend natural look.

10. Perchance to sleep

One of the best beauty secrets is quite simply a deep night's rest. Adopt a sleep regimen that will keep away those pouchy eyes. Sip some calming tea before bed, luxuriate in a warm scented bath, and (new trend alert!) spray an atmosphere mist around the bedroom. Lavender and thyme not only soothe the senses, they help you wind down gently. And beautifully.

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