Having breakfast: a simple but important habit

Having breakfast: a simple but important habit

Posted by Hain Celestial on May 12, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

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As soon as you wake up, the daily race begins.

Lack of time or appetite, or stress from work—everyone has their reasons to skip this meal, despite the fact that it provides 20 per cent of our daily energy needs.

Why is breakfast important?

While you sleep, your body burns calories to keep every part operational: the digestive system, the brain, the heart, the lungs and so forth. In the morning, it is essential to replenish your energy if you want to start the day right, avoid lapses in focus and stamina and avoid cravings for mid-morning snacks.

At school, breakfast is the best ally of concentration. Children going to class on an empty stomach or after a frugal meal, tend to doze off and may even feel weak (hypoglycemia). In addition, overweight children and adults alike benefit from eating breakfast as it reduces cravings for sweet snacks and keeps them from being overly hungry at the next meal.

What is a balanced breakfast?

A balanced breakfast provides energy and vitality. A winning trio for achieving this is composed of a dairy product, a grain product and a meat or an alternative to meat. Furthermore, a fibre-rich fruit rounds out a complete breakfast.

The most important part of a balanced breakfast are the carbohydrates, which are necessary to provide energy for the muscles and the brain—energy they need to replenish after the overnight fast. For maximum fullness, don’t forget to include a sufficient source of protein so you’re satisfied until the next meal.

Tip from a dietitian! Are you missing a food item from the milk and alternatives group to complete your breakfast? Remedy the situation easily by switching from your usual coffee to a mug of latte or cappuccino!

Change up your routine by trying these simple and easy breakfasts:

• Natural peanut butter and fruit spread on a whole-grain English muffin with a glass of milk. Check out our selection of MaraNatha® nut butters for ideas.

• A bowl of high-fibre (at least 4 g per portion) cold cereal with milk or soy milk, topped with banana slices and some chia seeds.

• A handful of mixed seeds (chia, flax, hemp…) and a few grapes on top of creamy Greek yogurt. Our Greek Gods® yogurt has a large selection of flavours.

• A breakfast sandwich (egg, Swiss cheese, tomato) and a glass of milk.

• If you have extra time, try cooking oatmeal in the crockpot overnight. The next morning, top it with yogurt and fresh or frozen fruit from Europe’s Best®. Delicious!

• On weekends, prepare boiled eggs. They keep up to one week in the refrigerator. Whenever you are short on time, eat them on the run with fruit and milk.

• Prepare mini muffins, breads or protein bars in advance. During the week, complement your meal with an apple and a few slices of cheese.

• Over the weekend, take the time to make extra breakfast food that you can easily reheat on weekday mornings when you are in a hurry. Pancakes, French toast and frittatas are delicious choices that can make comforting, on-the-go breakfast.

Charlotte Geroudet, RD

Charlotte Geroudet

Professional and dynamic, Charlotte Geroudet is a dietitian-nutritionist who actively contributes to communicating about and promoting healthy eating. With the public interest at heart, she shares her favourite finds and the latest on nutritional science via her magazine columns (5•15 and La Semaine) as well as through various collaborations as a blogger (Hain Celestial, Nutrition Québec, Divas en ligne, Canal Vie, Coup de pouce, etc.). Charlotte is also a nutrition columnist on radio; for four years now, she has regularly been invited to speak on different radio shows in Québec.

This nutritionist, columnist, consultant, blogger and speaker has made promoting the development of a simple, balanced diet her mission.

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