Food that Tastes as Good as it Smells: FoodShare’s Good Food Café

Food that Tastes as Good as it Smells: FoodShare’s Good Food Café

Posted by Hain Celestial on Jun 19, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

Credits: Laura Berman of GreenFuse Photography

Hain Celestial is proud to support FoodShare Toronto’s cooking programs and so we were very pleased to hear about the Good Food Café. “Food that tastes as good as it smells” is the way one of the grade 9 students recently described this healthy cafeteria program.

Every day hundreds of students file into the cafeteria at 2 French high schools in Toronto and a few run ahead of the line to check out the day’s offerings squealing with delight as they race back to their spot in the line.

Can you blame them? Menus include healthy delights like veggie burgers, Mediterranean side dishes, abundant salads, and for dessert - fresh fruit cups and freshly baked apple crisp.

In 2013, FoodShare became the cafeteria food provider for two Toronto French high schools, École Secondaire Catholique Saint-Frere-André and École Secondaire Toronto Ouest. According to Dominique Perin, a teacher who pushed for FoodShare to become the cafeteria provider, “Upon opening our new school, last year, we knew that we wanted to promote local, healthy food choices for our students and FoodShare was the provider we had set our sights on. Their reputation for local, fresh, natural, and healthy foods, as well as their community involvement were the key factors for this consideration... The future of our cafeteria and food culture is looking bright and we are all excited by the possibilities that we can explore, with the help of FoodShare.”

Credits: Laura Berman of GreenFuse Photography

The Good Food Café is revolutionizing the way kids eat and the school cafeteria experience. Students make their own food decisions since they are provided a variety of culturally appropriate and healthy food options at an affordable cost.

According to Chef Gomez, “We put a healthy spin on typical foods like lasagna and burritos and include a 50/50 ratio of vegetables and meat. There is always a vegetarian option.”

The Good Food Café is part of a healthy lifestyle. One of the students loved trying different foods and now he purchases food in the Café everyday! Another student says, “It’s cool that they put that much effort in what they do”.  

Students don’t just eat well in school – they share their experiences with their friends and families. One student is even experimenting with healthy baking recipes inspired from a Good Food Café brownie made with zucchini. FoodShare’s goal is to work with the culinary arts teachers at the school to get students cooking the food themselves in their cooking classes.

Chef Gomez explains, “Food items were tested with students at the beginning of the school year. I come up with the weekly menus and remove or keep food items, depending on how well it sells.”

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