6 Ways to Sneak Fruit and Vegetables in Children’s’ Plates

6 Ways to Sneak Fruit and Vegetables in Children’s’ Plates

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If your child is a picky eater, you may be worried that they aren't eating enough fruit and vegetables.  While you should continue to offer and keep offering that bowl of broccoli, in the meantime it is important to ensure they are getting the nutrition that a serving of veggies and fruit provides.

Try these tips for getting sneaky in the kitchen and you will be sure to get your picky eater to try a few easy servings of fruit and vegetables.

Tip 1

One of the easiest ways to sneak hard-to-sell vegetables into your kids’ plates is with a grater. Grate zucchini and carrots and include them in your kids’ current favourites. This method works well for meatloaf, burgers, meatballs, and even pasta sauce. They will go unnoticed and add nutrients to the dish!

Tip 2

Similarly, you can puree other vegetables, such as cauliflower, and add them to your children’s favourites, such as mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese. When my daughter went through a period of hating peas I whipped up a batch of baked fish cakes loaded with peas that went over unnoticed, and has been a part of our dinners ever since. 

Tip 3

Snack time is another opportunity to get in some veggies. If you can't ‘sell’ them on vegetable sticks with dip, try swapping out the potato chips with Veggie Chips or Straws by Sensible Portions®.

Tip 4

Breakfast is a great opportunity to amp up the fruit servings. You can make a quick, delicious and healthy fruit smoothie any time of year by blending up one cup of Europe’s Best® frozen fruits with a cup of Dream’s Almond Milk.

Tip 5

Don't forget dessert either, you can include fruit and make it lower fat at the same time. Swap out oil in your baking recipe for apple sauce and guarantee nobody will notice! Pumpkin and sweet potato are also easy to sneak into baked goods and into breakfast items such as muffins, loaves, pancakes and waffles.

Tip 6

If your kids love ice cream, try out banana split made with Almond Dream® Vanilla frozen desert for a healthier treat. 

The bottom line is that sneaking fruits and vegetables into your child's food is a great way to ensure they are getting the nutrition they need. However it is still important to include them in every meal as a side dish so that your children can learn to actually like them. Finally, leading by example is the best way to get your child to eat fruits and veggies. 

Elizabeth Lampman

Elizabeth Lampman

Elizabeth Lampman is work-at-home-mom of two little girls. In her past life she was an IT professional. She enjoys sharing delicious recipes and craft projects on her website Frugal Mom Eh.