Easy does it: 3 Holiday Menu Ideas for Every Occasion

Easy does it: 3 Holiday Menu Ideas for Every Occasion

Posted by Hain Celestial on Dec 10, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to gather up loved ones, celebrate great food and spread good cheer. But with time a precious commodity and the increasing popularity of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets, we find ourselves often stressed out at the thought of pleasing everyone. Here are 3 Holiday Menus that put the ease back into easy entertaining.

o Veggie In No Time

Every year, it’s the same story: we rush from party to party, eating our way through the Holidays. Vegetarian menus not only please health-conscious guests, they give our bodies a much-needed break. Still, festive vegetarian dishes can prove quite a challenge for the non-vegetarian cook, especially in wintertime when tasty fruit and vegetables are harder to come by.

The solution? Take advantage of frozen fruits and vegetables like Europe’s Best. Their line-up of handy, delicious and varied produce can be a real lifesaver. Also go for a mezze type meal, with multiple offerings at the center of a well-dressed table. Easy and trendy!

Easy Vegetarian Menu

Ready In A Jiffy 

Time is an issue? It’s possible to whip up a real feast in two hours, especially if you put frozen fruits and vegetables to good use. Picked at the height of freshness, they not only cut on preparation time but provide the needed burst of flavour. So let the praises begin thanks to these Holiday-friendly recipes that let the cooking, not the dicing, do the talking.

Ready In Two Hours Menu

Brunch It Up!

There are only so many evenings in a Holiday fortnight! No wonder no-stress brunches have become increasingly popular, especially among families with young children. The little ones are rested, generally hungry and more open to novelty (we love that!). Here too, frozen fruit and veggies make it easier to prep and serve the sweet and savoury staples of brunch. Add some bubbles for grown-ups, orange juice for all, and let the party begin.

Holiday Brunch Menu

3 Quick Tips for Stress-Free Celebrations

You figured out the food, now make your life easier with these handy tricks to spruce up your Holiday tableware.

  1. Clean cloudy wine glasses with distilled vinegar to wash away hard water build-up (and, ahem, avoid dishwasher next time).
  2. To clean tarnished silverware, place aluminum foil in a pot, lay a few pieces of silverware directly on foil, then pour hot water and a few teaspoons of baking soda. Let rest until silver is shiny.
  3. Any leftovers? Most foods can be frozen from a few weeks to a few months, except dishes made with egg, dairy products or watery vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, radishes etc. Salads don’t take well to the freezer either.

Looking for more Holiday food ideas to impress your guests? This Pinterest Holiday Entertaining board is a great place to get started!

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