Health at first sight

Health at first sight

Posted by Hain Celestial on Nov 08, 2013 | A Healthier Way of Life

Canadians tell us time and time again they want to eat healthier. But sometimes, busy schedules seem to get in the way of preparing healthy meals from scratch. But despite busy schedules, healthy eating doesn’t have to be difficult. Health Check is the food information program of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. It is the one way that the Foundation helps Canadians eat well.

Its logo serves as a quick symbol that guides Canadians toward healthier choices. But while the symbol, the familiar ‘white checkmark in a red circle', is an easy way of giving Canadians a helping hand on a variety of products in grocery stores and on the menus of numerous restaurants nation-wide, the nutrient requirements that each of the products or food items must meet to earn it is anything but easy. That’s because Health Check takes its role in educating Canadians about healthy eating and nutrition very seriously.

When you see the logo on a product, you can be sure that it has met strict nutrient criteria. These are developed by Heart and Stroke registered dietitians and are based on recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide.

The logo means that you’re making a healthy choice. The criteria include nutrients Canadians should eat more of, such as fibre and vitamins, as well as those they should limit, such as fat, especially saturated and trans, and sodium. For instance, Health Check’s strict sodium criteria have resulted in more than 800,000 kg of salt being removed from the Canadian food industry.

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