Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mr. Lee

Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mr. Lee

Posted by Hain Celestial on Nov 13, 2012 | A Healthier Way of Life

Below is the story of my wonderful challenge and thank you again for the amazing products!

I am so pleased I was selected to take part in the Healthier Way of Life Challenge, as my health and energy has greatly improved by eating and using organic, natural foods and products from Hain Celestial Canada. I have noticed that I am not nearly as sluggish throughout the day and have increased energy and vitality from the benefits of the products I have been eating and using this past month. I also have been enjoying the wonderful tastes!

The soups and broths are not only organic and made with the best ingredients, they also taste so much better than any canned soup or prepared soup!  I especially enjoyed the Organic Butternut Squash soup that had an amazing rich and flavorful experience for my taste buds and I am eager to try the other variety of soups available

My snacking has also greatly changed from the fried and unhealthy chips containing MSG and other terrible ingredients to snacking on wholesome and delicious chips that are trans fat free, cholesterol free, low sodium and contain no artificial flavors/colors and no artificial preservatives.  I really loved the Blue Corn Chips and the Terra Exotic Original chips.

The Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea is the perfect beverage before going to bed and helped me to get to sleep.  The Rice Dream Original was a great and tasty alternative to dairy and soy and the Casbah Quinoa is a superb side dish that helps me get the protein I need in my diet.  For salads, the Organic Balsamic Vinegar was a much appreciated added ingredient.

For personal care and hygiene, the Alba Natural Hawaiian Shampoo left my hair feeling revitalized, cleansed and full of body throughout the entire day compared to my regular shampoo.  The Jason Pure Natural Body Wash also left my skin feeling soft and moisturized and not dry like the bar soaps I usually use in the shower.

The Healthier Way of Life Challenge and Hain Celestial Canada products have helped me to greatly change my life by changing the types of foods I normally eat to organic and natural foods that provide the nutrition my body needs while providing great taste as well.  I have increased energy and a healthier body and look forward to making many Hain Celestial products a regular part of my meals and snacks.  The personal care products have also helped my hair and skin feel much healthier and nourished and feeling moisturized and not dry. 

I encourage everyone to take their own Healthier Way of Life Challenge with Hain Celestial Canada and see the great benefits of a much better way of life!

Kuang Lee - Etobicoke, Ontario

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This article is part of a series of testimonials from the 8 winners of the Heathier Way of Life Challenge, who received a gift basket and discovered a variety of Hain Celestial Canada brands and products.