Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mrs. Richard

Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mrs. Richard

Posted by Hain Celestial on Nov 23, 2012 | A Healthier Way of Life

Hi, my name is Giselle and I am one of the winners of the Healthier Way of Life Challenge. I received a lovely basket packed with delicious Hain Celestial Canada products.

I was so glad to discover all their great products. There was body wash, shampoo, olive oil, baby food, veggie chips, organic soup, pasta and much more.  I must say I really never go in the organic section in the grocery store, but my view has changed. I realized this summer after our camping trips that I had to get healthier. I was getting heartburn after every meal. I did not want to see or get my picture taken.

My morning walks, changing my eating habits have been a big challenge but I know I can do it. I have lost seventeen pounds so far. Thanks for making me discover all your great organic goodies. You gave me the boost I needed to continue my journey to a new me... :)

Giselle Richard – Rimouski, Quebec

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This article is part of a series of testimonials from the 8 winners of the Heathier Way of Life Challenge, who received a gift basket and discovered a variety of Hain Celestial Canada brands and products.