Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mrs. Pomeroy

Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mrs. Pomeroy

Posted by Hain Celestial on Dec 19, 2012 | A Healthier Way of Life

I'd like to share with you how much I've learned since winning the Healthier Way of Life contest. One of the first things that really surprised me is the wide range of items Hain Celestial makes and carries. The second thing I learned is that eating healthy doesn't have to taste bad!!

As we age, our bodies’ requirements change. Salt, which was never an issue in my youth, is now a big no-no. Generally speaking, no-salt items taste bland. That’s a plain fact. However, I tried a few of the soups and they were quite good. Didn't even miss the salt. They are now in a regular rotation for quick lunches. 

Another thing I've come to appreciate is olive oil. I've read and seen plenty of reviews about the benefit of using olive oil, so I was very pleased to see a bottle of Spectrum brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the gift basket. (it was split with my daughter). Now, I haven't seen this brand in the stores yet, but I will be paying closer attention when grocery shopping in the future. Up until now we've always purchased corn oil, sunflower oil and canola oil. I was really surprised that it had a yummy taste. Not greasy, but a real flavour to it - see? Eating healthy doesn't have to taste bad.

Winning this contest has widened my perception of Hain Celestial product line. Up until now, I've always associated Celestial with various herbal teas. Now the teas are exceptionally good, but I don't drink them every day - more likely on special occasions. I can now see how much more is offered by Hain Celestial, and I will be making more of an effort to include a healthier choice when shopping.

Thank you for sponsoring this contest and encouraging a healthier way of life.

Kathy Pomeroy - Ontario


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This article is part of a series of testimonials from the 8 winners of the Heathier Way of Life Challenge, who received a gift basket and discovered a variety of Hain Celestial Canada brands and products.