Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mrs. Hill

Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mrs. Hill

Posted by Hain Celestial on Dec 05, 2012 | A Healthier Way of Life

My four-year-old son has been struggling with dietary and digestion issues for the last two years.  I have been looking into more natural food options to assist him and our entire family as we seek a more natural lifestyle.  Living in a rural setting, our options were limited, but that has been slowly changing.  I was not familiar with the Hain Celestial brand name until I was entered into your contest.

The day we received the basket my son asked if it was Christmas.  It was so exciting to receive and explore some of the assortment of products that Hain Celestial offers. The Veggie Straws were the first product opened and consumed instantly with comments like, “Can we have more, Mom?” and “Wow, these are very yummy!”.                                 

One of my favourite products was the Quinoa by Casbah.  My son has done “taste-testing” at school where they try different foods raw and then cooked so we taste-tested Quinoa.  He thought the Quinoa was too crunchy raw, but loved it cooked.  This was very exciting since he is an incredibly picky eater. Not only does it taste great but it is also good for him.  Quinoa is a food that we will be incorporating into meals more often in our home.

The Nile Spice Black Bean Soup Cup was also a very useful product.  We sometimes need a lunch idea that is “off the shelf” without all the salt and additives.  I was extremely relieved when I could actually understand the ingredient list and felt comfortable giving it to my husband in his lunch.

The Hain Celestial Gift Basket allowed me to try products that I may not have tried and that I didn’t even know existed.  I enjoyed how your products can be used throughout my day, from shower products to food to bedtime tea.  I feel great allowing my children to get more natural food with less additives and preservatives.  It gives me incredible peace of mind to know that my children are getting quality healthy food choices while still enjoying both the look and taste of the products.

Martina Hill - Bancroft, Ontario

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This article is part of a series of testimonials from the 8 winners of the Heathier Way of Life Challenge, who received a gift basket and discovered a variety of Hain Celestial Canada brands and products.