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About Valerie McTavish

A former Vancouverite, Valerie gave up a career in broadcasting to pursue a better lifestyle in Kelowna, BC. Now, she uses her Media background to produce custom lifestyle content that aims to help people live inspired and more informed lives.

Sparkling Eco-Fashion Choices for the Holiday Party

December 13, 2012

When it comes to fashion accessories we sometimes let the environment pay the price to be pretty. There’s no need to leave your little black dress naked this party season. Here’s how you can add a little sparkle without leaving a black mark on the planet (or its people).  


Happy (Environmentally Friendly) Halloween!

Halloween may be the spookiest night of the year but its impact on the planet is downright scary. Luckily there are a few easy ways to have a happy but environmentally friendly Halloween.



Parting Ways With Parabens

October 05, 2012

Potentially harmful preservatives have been a mainstay in beauty products for decades but ongoing research has women raising an eyebrow. Are you ready to break-up with these bad boys and say hello to paraben-freedom?


Send Kids Back to School with a Green Lunch

September 17, 2012

No, we’re not talking about sending kids back to school with last year’s mouldy leftovers still inside. This school year, make lunches more than a nutritious boost for kids – make them a boost for the environment too. 


Making Fido Eco-Friendly

July 17, 2012

Your planet-positive attitude doesn’t have to go to the dogs when it comes to your pooch. Follow these simple green tips to make man’s best friend the planet’s best friend too.


Weighing Your Water Footprint

May 25, 2012 We’ve all become aware of our carbon footprint, but what about the H2O we use for everyday living?


Green Tips for Green, Green Grass

April 20, 2012 It may be au courant to xeriscape a yard or let a lawn go brown, but there are some people for whom a backyard full of green grass is essential. A perfect lawn doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet. From watering to maintenance to weed control, there are ways to have the lawn of your dreams without it being a nightmare to the environment.


Green your Workout!

March 23, 2012

Being healthy and being fit go hand in hand, but is your exercise routine unhealthy for the planet? With a few green considerations, your workout can save energy while burning it.