Three Feel-Good Ingredients for Fall Cooking

Three Feel-Good Ingredients for Fall Cooking

Posted by Geneviève Nadeau on Sep 27, 2012 | Food And Nutrition

The sun rarely showing its face, trees displaying their orange shades, our neighbourhood’s quiet streets getting busy early in the morning as school starts again… There is no doubt that Fall is upon us! Feeling nostalgic about leaving a hot, festive season behind? Stay positive – summer will be back next year. For the time being, prolong the pleasure and comfort youself with warm stews or pot-au-feus whose fragrances will fill your house. Aside from beef, carrots, and potatoes, here are three ingredients that will charm your family and create sweet souvenirs.


Lentils are promising…

Those wary of legumes will be able to softly tame them. Lentils fit perfectly with lamb, veal, or beef in a stew. There’s a good compromise for carnivores wanting to add sources of vegetables to their diet! Good news: as opposed to red beans or chickpeas, dry lentils don’t have to be dipped before cooking. You can thus add them at the same time as the rest of your ingredients. If you opt for canned lentils, make sure to rinse them with cold water and incorporate them when your cooking is almost done. To get more taste, put aside your salt cellar, and instead try curry, paprika and Dijon mustard to season your lentil stew. 

Sweet, sweet potato

A traditional potato bores you? Trade it with a sweet potato. With its orange, flavoured flesh, a sweet potato provides beta carotene, a compound that will help your body produce vitamin A. For a high-fibre pot-au-feu, you can also dress this vegetable with its skin. Season your plate with sweet potatoes and a dash of cinnamon and  nutmeg. These two spices, which deliciously increase this vegetable’s sweet taste, will take your papillas to a whole new world.

To your parnsips!

Not everyone is a fan of parnsips’ pronounced flavour. But beyond its mere white carrot appearance, the parnsip is a vegetable that will transform all your stews. Grate it to add it as puree to your pot-au-feu, or combine it with a fruit or a sweet vegetable (diced pear, acorn squash…) to lighten its flavoured taste. Alongside flavoured couscous, orange peels or pearl barley cooked in a beef and maple sirup broth, you will convince everyone, young and old, that even ‘healthy’ meals are full of flavour and novelty.

As this season starts, it is impossible to forget apple savoury pies, roasted pork and veal, vegetable gratins, or stuffed squashes… Fall encourages us to cook and celebrate basic foods that make us taste health.

What do you plan on cooking to share delicious family moments?