Festive (and Nutritious) Ideas for the Holiday Season

Festive (and Nutritious) Ideas for the Holiday Season

Posted by Geneviève Nadeau on Nov 27, 2012 | Food And Nutrition

Stuffed turkey, meat pie, extra-sweet desserts, champagne and cocktails… Hurray for the Holiday Season! Even if it only comes once a year, there are many who plan on being especially careful with regards to their health during this period of festivity. Here, then, are a few suggestions to revamp your traditional Holiday meals with a healthy touch that does not compromise on taste. 

Vegetables Shine

Be they in a sauce, soup, salad, gratin or stuffing, vegetables will help temper your appetite while adding joyful colours to your meals. Should you be short on time to cook them, opt for frozen vegetables, which are as nutritious as fresh ones. Your guests are not raw vegetable fans? Surprise them with mini-carrots, radishes, and brocoli along with a greek yogurt, garlic and dill-based dip. Add a ½ cup (125 ml) of greek yogurt, three fine-cut garlic cloves, one spoonfull (15 ml) of Dijon mustard and one spoonfull (15 ml) of fresh, chiselled dill. Pepper to your taste, then add a pinch of salt. 

Veggie but Tasty!

Give your digestion a break by also serving veggie meals, replacing meats and fatter sauces. For instance, a black bean salad with corn, diced sweet peppers, and grated zucchini, with its Holiday-season colours, will be sure to attract everyone’s look. You can also cut tofu anx mix it with beef to reduce its level of fat. And let’s be clear: caramel pecans in a balsamic vinegar salad or grilled walnuts to top a sweet potato soup can change… well, everything!

To Close Strong, Sweeten without Exaggerating

When enjoying gourmet desserts during this time of year, think of going for smaller portions. You know it: you will certainly eat dessert several times this week. If necessary, eat a smaller meal and save room for dessert. To each his favorite: maple syrup pie, Yule log, nut and marshmallow squares… Dessert could even transform itself into a light snack if it is a small portion accompanied by fresh or frozen fruit. A plate of green grapes, pomegranate and cubed mango will attract your guests’ attention. What would you say of a house-made wildberry coulis to fully bring out a small cake slice? There is an explosion of fibres, vitamins, and minerals to consume with (almost) no moderation!

Do you have tips to keep your good habits during the Holiday season?