Hosting a Healthier Holiday

Posted by Hain Celestial on December 21, 2015 | A Healthier Way of Life

Impress Friends & Family With a Soiree to Remember

The holidays harbor an unpleasant little secret. Despite the dazzling arrays of lights, shiny spools of wrapping paper and the advent of a few very-needed vacation days, the season can be surprisingly stressful and laden with unhealthy foods.

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3 Easy Tips to Refresh Your Salads

Posted by Hain Celestial on June 15, 2015 | A Healthier Way of Life

Barbecue season is associated with great salad sides as much as grilled mains. Because the right combination of ingredients and light-but-scrumptious dressings can make the difference between humdrum and yummy, we are sharing our best tips to turn simple ingredients into mouth-watering salads that everyone will crave!

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3 Easy Ways to a Healthier Barbecue

Posted by Hain Celestial on May 13, 2015 | A Healthier Way of Life


Smoke, Sizzle & Serve: By definition, grilling food on the barbecue is the tasty, healthy way to go. This summer, discover 3 easy steps and plenty of super-hot ideas to throw a healthier barbecue that’s anything but boring!

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Rolling Cart, Folded Taco

Posted by Hain Celestial on | A Healthier Way of Life

The food truck is a success!” yelled one teacher at Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School on a sunny mid-April day. FoodShare’s Rolling Cart has wheels and heat but it isn’t quite a truck. The pilot project dishes up healthy lunches in schools that don’t have operating cafeterias and on this day the dish was tacos.

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Get Cooking & Creating with Baby Food Pouches

Posted by Hain Celestial on April 22, 2015 | A Healthier Way of Life


Fruit and veggie pouches are more than a convenient way to prevent messes, organize outings or hit the road in a jiffy. Bursting with great taste and packed with vitamins and minerals, they can also be incorporated into family recipes or sub as healthy toppings. Find out how their versatility makes these popular food pouches a tasty addition to your everyday cooking!

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3 Simple Steps to Get Your Kids to Eat More Fruits & Veggies

Posted by Hain Celestial on March 17, 2015 | A Healthier Way of Life

Around this time, it usually feels like winter will never end, leading many of us to overindulge in comfort food. Yet, despite the lack of great-tasting fresh produce, eating more fruit and vegetables doesn’t have to be boring, difficult or expensive. Here are smart ideas to sneak healthy foods into your kids’ daily diet (and adults too)… for everyone’s enjoyment!

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Take a Great Big Crunch for food literacy

Posted by Hain Celestial on | A Healthier Way of Life

 Celebrate Nutrition Month by munching with us at the Great Big Crunch! The annual event occurs this year on Thursday, March 12 at 2:30pm. The Great Big Crunch invites everyone to take a large, synchronized bite into a fresh, crunchy apple to celebrate healthy snacking and year-round availability of fresh produce in our communities.

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The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Family Snacking

Posted by Hain Celestial on | A Healthier Way of Life


While we were told for the longest time to avoid eating between meals, recent studies have shown that healthy snacks are essential to keep our energy up. Even more so when a hectic schedule curtails mealtimes! Snacks not only fuel our body, they put our mind on full alert. Here are 8 tips to help you pick better snacks for the whole family.

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9 Smart Ideas to Enjoy a Healthier Winter

Posted by Hain Celestial on | A Healthier Way of Life


It’s the same thing every winter, not to say every New Year: We resolve to basically turn our life upside down at the stroke of midnight, from training more to eating healthier, working less, spending more time with family and friends. While resolutions can represent a great step forward, few survive the cold reality of winter. Don’t fret. With a little common sense and creativity, here are 9 winning strategies to make this the best season yet!

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Learning to cook from scratch

Posted by Hain Celestial on | A Healthier Way of Life

Learning how to cook from scratch 

By Alvin Rebick, FoodShare Kitchen and Good Food Program Senior Manager

At FoodShare Toronto, we operate a variety of Community Kitchens that bring people together to share the pleasures and challenges of healthy cooking.  These kitchen programs support various groups who wish to, for any number of reasons, come together and learn the cooking process, in order to impact on their health, wellbeing and sense of community. 

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Easy does it: 3 Holiday Menu Ideas for Every Occasion

Posted by Hain Celestial on December 10, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to gather up loved ones, celebrate great food and spread good cheer. But with time a precious commodity and the increasing popularity of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets, we find ourselves often stressed out at the thought of pleasing everyone. Here are 3 Holiday Menus that put the ease back into easy entertaining.

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10 Ideas to Beat the November Blues

Posted by Hain Celestial on November 11, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

With its grey skies, biting cold and shorter days, November can leave many of us feeling down and gloomy. This year, don't let the blues get the better of you! Fight back and keep your spirits up with these 10 feel-great food ideas and fall beauty tips that foster wellness, inside and out.

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10 Simple & Healthy Ways To Enjoy Fall Eating And Living

Posted by Hain Celestial on October 22, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life


As days shorten and temperatures drop, we find ourselves craving comfort. We tend to hibernate and move less while piling on heavy, feel-good carbs (Halloween sugar fix and holiday eating anyone?). Yet it's possible to find the comfort we seek, and eat the food we crave, with a few healthy-living tricks and a surprisingly scrumptious vegetarian diet. Here's how…

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10 Great Ways to Enjoy Greek-Style Yogurt

Posted by Hain Celestial on | A Healthier Way of Life


A super food high in protein, Greek-style yogurt's fresh taste and creamy texture add loads of flavour and appeal to any recipe. As we settle into our back-to-school routine of quick breakfasts, brown bag lunches and snack attacks, here are 10 great ideas to ensure kids get all the protein they need to perform in school, thanks to this A+ ingredient.

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The Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea

Posted by Hain Celestial on September 16, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

All of us "socialites" here at The Vegan Project are admitted caffeine addicts.  In fact, as this very moment, Bridget Burns and I, Samantha Shorkey, are enjoying a delicious cup of coffee at a quaint, Vancouver coffee shop.  Espressos, dark chocolate mochas, soy Americanos, almond milk lattes, Matcha, black, herbal or green tea-- you name it, we're all over it.

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5 ideas for a delicious non-dairy summer brunch

Posted by Hain Celestial on August 22, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life


Delicious as is or added to your favourite recipes, most non-dairy beverages are lactose-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free AND vegan—yet provide the creamy goodness of milk. Whether you choose to go dairy-free for health reasons or animal welfare concerns, here's a quick guide and five summer brunch ideas to start you cooking the non-dairy way!

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Eating a balanced diet is easy and tasty!

Posted by Hain Celestial on July 25, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

         Eating a balanced diet

There is one widespread popular belief about food that I want to debunk. There are no good or bad foods! Hard as it may be to believe, the food itself is not to blame for nutritional issues — rather, it’s how much and how often you eat it. Foods should not be stigmatized and made to bear full responsibility for our health or weight problems.

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6 Ways to Sneak Fruit and Vegetables in Children’s’ Plates

Posted by Hain Celestial on | A Healthier Way of Life

          Kid eating

If your child is a picky eater, you may be worried that they aren't eating enough fruit and vegetables.  While you should continue to offer and keep offering that bowl of broccoli, in the meantime it is important to ensure they are getting the nutrition that a serving of veggies and fruit provides.

Try these tips for getting sneaky in the kitchen and you will be sure to get your picky eater to try a few easy servings of fruit and vegetables.

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10 food hacks to healthier summer eating

Posted by Hain Celestial on | A Healthier Way of Life


Let's be honest: Healthy eating just happens more easily in the summertime. Fruits and vegetables have more flavour; barbecue adds a unique smoky flavour to everything; and we're usually less famished, especially since (thank you, heat waves!) we finally DO drink those 8-10 glasses of water that nutritionists harp about. Out of sheer dehydration, but still…

While everything about summer "conspires" to help us, it's possible to improve on a good thing by making better choices, like cutting back on entrées and dips that pack a wallop in hidden calories. Here are 10 easy ideas that will keep your summertime on the right track.

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Food that Tastes as Good as it Smells: FoodShare’s Good Food Café

Posted by Hain Celestial on June 19, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

Credits: Laura Berman of GreenFuse Photography

Hain Celestial is proud to support FoodShare Toronto’s cooking programs and so we were very pleased to hear about the Good Food Café. “Food that tastes as good as it smells” is the way one of the grade 9 students recently described this healthy cafeteria program.

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Uses for Coconut Oil for You and Your Baby

Posted by Hain Celestial on June 17, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life


When caring for an infant, the health and safety of personal products is essential. Many parents want to treat their infants’ skin with natural products. Spectrum® Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent treatment choice for many infant skin issues. Coconut oil is a far more versatile item than many know, since it is solid at room temperature. Parents will enjoy that it is free of the preservatives and additives found in more traditional infant care products.

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Snacks that pull their weight!

Posted by Hain Celestial on June 23, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

             Healthy snacking

Whether at school or at work, snacks provide the energy you need to “hit the spot” and tide you over until the next meal. Eating a small portion is the key to getting the boost you need, while not ruining your appetite. On average, a snack should provide 150 to 200 calories. A balanced snack should include proteins and carbohydrates, which will give you energy and prevent you from feeling famished before your next meal. To be part of a healthy diet, nutritious snacks should include items from at least two of the four food groups in Canada’s Food Guide: fruits and vegetables, grain products, milk and alternatives, meat and alternatives.

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Four Healthy Lunch Items (For The Student In A Rush)

Posted by Hain Celestial on May 23, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

          Student with a lunch

Eating healthier when you are a full-time student is, unfortunately, not a top priority. Between classes, papers, extracurricular activities, and a part-time job, it is hard to find time to prepare balanced meals three times a day. However, there are some quick and easy choices you can make to eat healthier, without breaking your piggybank. Here are our top four!

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Meat alternatives take the spotlight

Posted by Hain Celestial on June 06, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

            Meat Alternatives

According to a report by the Institut national de santé publique, Quebecers consume twice as much meat (poultry, beef, and ham) as meat alternatives (nuts, seeds, legumes, fish, eggs and seafood). Yet the desire to reduce our meat consumption has never been so widespread. Flexitarianism, or occasionally eating meatless meals, is a growing phenomenon, in particular due to the Meatless Monday movement, which has continued to grow in Quebec since 2008.

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Having breakfast: a simple but important habit

Posted by Hain Celestial on May 12, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

          Healthy breakfast

As soon as you wake up, the daily race begins.

Lack of time or appetite, or stress from work—everyone has their reasons to skip this meal, despite the fact that it provides 20 per cent of our daily energy needs.

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Recipe for Change Event

Posted by Hain Celestial on March 28, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

As a dedicated supporter and sponsor of FoodShare, Hain-Celestial is proud to have contributed to the success of the Recipe for Change event, which was packed with more than 350 guests who made their way to the St. Lawrence Market on a cold and blistery winter evening, February 27, 2014, to enjoy and celebrate an unforgettable evening filled with delicious food, beverages and wonderful conversation.

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Sharing good healthy food.

Posted by Hain Celestial on February 24, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

FoodShare Toronto is grateful for support from Hain Celestial making positive impacts in promoting healthy eating and community building through Community Kitchens.

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Engage and Change

Posted by Hain Celestial on January 20, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

Engage and Change is a charity that provides opportunities for companies and groups of people to engage in hands-on volunteer projects focused on alleviating poverty and creating strong healthy communities. With Engage and Change, volunteer teams work together to assemble and build ‘Kits’ for distribution through local Social Service agencies and organizations.

“Good people working together for the good of the people”

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'Tis the season to enjoy tea!

Posted by Hain Celestial on December 02, 2013 | Wellness And Balance

At Celestial Seasonings®, our herbal tea recipes blend the flavors of different botanicals from around the world – resulting in an infinite variety of healthful taste sensations.

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Healthy Holiday Eating? We say YES!

Posted by Hain Celestial on December 02, 2013 | Wellness And Balance

The holiday season is the perfect time to celebrate with family and friends. Unfortunately, for many it also becomes a time for over-eating and weight gain. 

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Health at first sight

Posted by Hain Celestial on November 08, 2013 | A Healthier Way of Life

Canadians tell us time and time again they want to eat healthier. But sometimes, busy schedules seem to get in the way of preparing healthy meals from scratch. But despite busy schedules, healthy eating doesn’t have to be difficult. Health Check is the food information program of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. It is the one way that the Foundation helps Canadians eat well.

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The Power of Sharing

Posted by Hain Celestial on October 23, 2013 | A Healthier Way of Life

Hain-Celestial Canada is proud to partner with Fresh Choice Kitchens, to empower people to nourish themselves by providing access to healthy food education and training.  Last year our funding helped purchase much needed equipment for the many programs run by Fresh Choice Kitchens.

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It's Organic Week in Canada!

Posted by Hain Celestial on September 21, 2013 | A Healthier Way of Life

Organic Week 2013 kicks off today and will be running from September 21 to 28 in Canada.

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Discover our Environmental Commitment

Posted by Hain Celestial on September 19, 2013 | A Healthier Way of Life

Hain-Celestial recognizes the need to be good stewards of all natural resources. Learn more about our commitment to the environment.

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The many benefits of Omega

Posted by Hain Celestial on January 06, 2014 | A Healthier Way of Life

All of us need healthy fats in our diet. Here’s where you can learn more about the role of fats in your diet, and find information on the impact fats can have on issues specific to you.

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From Garden To Plate With FoodShare

Posted by Hain Celestial on June 24, 2013 | A Healthier Way of Life


FoodShare’s growing season is off to a great start! At our school-based Market Garden at Bendale Business and Technical Institute we’ve already harvested 80 bunches of spring garlic. At FoodShare, volunteers are helping maintain our community garden where we grow vegetables, herbs, and native plants. On May 25 innovative community initiative, Dragon Alley Community Garden, supported by FoodShare, has been recognized with an official naming ceremony!

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Detox Superfoods & How to Enjoy them!

Posted by Joy McCarthy on January 22, 2013 | Wellness And Balance

January is without a doubt the most popular time to do a detox and get a fresh new start to the New Year! Rather than subscribing to the notion that you have to starve yourself for days on a restrictive cleanse, I encourage you to eat, eat, eat; but eat the “right" foods.

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Get a Joyous Start To the New Year

Posted by Joy McCarthy on January 11, 2013 | Wellness And Balance

Most people set their New Year’s resolutions far too high or get overwhelmed with the sheer number of resolutions. While your intentions might be good, this actually sets you up for failure. 

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Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mrs. Kane

Posted by Hain Celestial on December 21, 2012 | A Healthier Way of Life

I was super excited to receive my gift basket in the mail.  I was full of such a vast assortment of items I had to call my sister to find out what half of them were used for.  Balsamic vinegar is always one of those ingredients I skipped in recipes, and quinoa would have been something I did not even know could be bought at the grocery store.  You can imagine what an eye opener when I found a recipe that used the Hain Celestial Organic Vinegar with the Casbah Organic Quinoa to make a quinoa balsamic vinegar salad.  

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Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mrs. Hietkamp

Posted by Hain Celestial on December 20, 2012 | A Healthier Way of Life

Celestial products have made the average dieter's life a lot easier! Their products are not only low in fat and calories but they also taste amazing! 

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Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mrs. Pomeroy

Posted by Hain Celestial on December 19, 2012 | A Healthier Way of Life

I'd like to share with you how much I've learned since winning the Healthier Way of Life contest. One of the first things that really surprised me is the wide range of items Hain Celestial makes and carries. The second thing I learned is that eating healthy doesn't have to taste bad!!

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Sparkling Eco-Fashion Choices for the Holiday Party

Posted by Valerie McTavish on December 13, 2012 | Green Living

When it comes to fashion accessories we sometimes let the environment pay the price to be pretty. There’s no need to leave your little black dress naked this party season. Here’s how you can add a little sparkle without leaving a black mark on the planet (or its people).  

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Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mr. Swanson

Posted by Hain Celestial on December 12, 2012 | A Healthier Way of Life

My first thought in regards to the product name has always been their vast assortment of natural and healthy teas. I have yet to sample the full selection as I have my favourites and find it difficult to pass them by for a new flavor. 

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Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mrs. Hill

Posted by Hain Celestial on December 05, 2012 | A Healthier Way of Life

My four-year-old son has been struggling with dietary and digestion issues for the last two years.  I have been looking into more natural food options to assist him and our entire family as we seek a more natural lifestyle.  Living in a rural setting, our options were limited, but that has been slowly changing.  I was not familiar with the Hain Celestial brand name until I was entered into your contest.

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Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mr. Creamer

Posted by Hain Celestial on November 29, 2012 | A Healthier Way of Life

I was pleasantly surprised that my wife had nominated me for this challenge and to find out that I was one of the winners! After receiving my gift basket, the whole family was excited to see all the contents and to try some of these items. I am always on the lookout for healthy food options to maintain my health and found there was a nice assortment of products in the basket that I had never tried before.

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Festive (and Nutritious) Ideas for the Holiday Season

Posted by Geneviève Nadeau on November 27, 2012 | Food And Nutrition

Stuffed turkey, meat pie, extra-sweet desserts, champagne and cocktails… Hurray for the Holiday Season! Even if it only comes once a year, there are many who plan on being especially careful with regards to their health during this period of festivity. Here, then, are a few suggestions to revamp your traditional Holiday meals with a healthy touch that does not compromise on taste. 

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Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mrs. Richard

Posted by Hain Celestial on November 23, 2012 | A Healthier Way of Life

Hi, my name is Giselle and I am one of the winners of the Healthier Way of Life Challenge. I received a lovely basket packed with delicious Hain Celestial Canada products.

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Beat the Winter Blues and Blahs

Posted by Joy McCarthy on November 22, 2012 | Wellness And Balance

Cold weather and less sunshine can make even the happiest person feel a little down in the winter months. I can personally relate as I often find myself dreaming of hot sunny summer days. However, I do take steps in the winter to avoid a case of the blues and blahs which I’m going to share with you.

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This Winter, Let Your Health Shine!

Posted by Geneviève Nadeau on November 15, 2012 | Food And Nutrition

Flu and virus season is upon us. It is cold outside, and the small number of daylight hours is making us feel weak and grim. What if eating helped us fight germs and improve our mood? Here is how to get through the hazards of winter. 

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Healthier Way of Life Challenge: Mr. Lee

Posted by Hain Celestial on November 13, 2012 | A Healthier Way of Life

Below is the story of my wonderful challenge and thank you again for the amazing products!

I am so pleased I was selected to take part in the Healthier Way of Life Challenge, as my health and energy has greatly improved by eating and using organic, natural foods and products from Hain Celestial Canada. I have noticed that I am not nearly as sluggish throughout the day and have increased energy and vitality from the benefits of the products I have been eating and using this past month. I also have been enjoying the wonderful tastes!

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Happy (Environmentally Friendly) Halloween!

Posted by Valerie McTavish on | Green Living

Halloween may be the spookiest night of the year but its impact on the planet is downright scary. Luckily there are a few easy ways to have a happy but environmentally friendly Halloween.


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Don’t judge yourself by a number on the scale!

Posted by Joy McCarthy on October 09, 2012 | Wellness And Balance

How often do you find yourself staring down at the scale only to be disappointed with the number? If this occurs first thing in the morning, it is not a very empowering way to begin a new day. Some women even weigh themselves twice daily, morning and evening. Ending your day feeling bad about the results on the scale may provoke a cookie binge in an effort to comfort yourself. Not only will those extra calories promote weight gain, but the negative feelings may also raise cortisol, the stress hormone that puts fat on your belly.

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Parting Ways With Parabens

Posted by Valerie McTavish on October 05, 2012 | Green Living

Potentially harmful preservatives have been a mainstay in beauty products for decades but ongoing research has women raising an eyebrow. Are you ready to break-up with these bad boys and say hello to paraben-freedom?

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Three Feel-Good Ingredients for Fall Cooking

Posted by Geneviève Nadeau on September 27, 2012 | Food And Nutrition

The sun rarely showing its face, trees displaying their orange shades, our neighbourhood’s quiet streets getting busy early in the morning as school starts again… There is no doubt that Fall is upon us! Feeling nostalgic about leaving a hot, festive season behind? Stay positive – summer will be back next year. For the time being, prolong the pleasure and comfort youself with warm stews or pot-au-feus whose fragrances will fill your house. Aside from beef, carrots, and potatoes, here are three ingredients that will charm your family and create sweet souvenirs.


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Dump the Slump and Start Feeling Fabulous

Posted by Joy McCarthy on September 25, 2012 | Wellness And Balance

The hustle and bustle of September with kids going back to school and never-ending to-do lists can leave you feeling stressed and fatigued by the end of each day. Unfortunately, this may mean you have very little energy for exercise or motivation to cook something healthy (and delicious) for dinner. The truth is these health habits will help you manage stress better, improve your sleep habits and increase your energy; it’s rather ironic isn’t it?

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Send Kids Back to School with a Green Lunch

Posted by Valerie McTavish on September 17, 2012 | Green Living

No, we’re not talking about sending kids back to school with last year’s mouldy leftovers still inside. This school year, make lunches more than a nutritious boost for kids – make them a boost for the environment too. 

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Tame the Ancient Grains

Posted by Geneviève Nadeau on September 12, 2012 | Food And Nutrition

You probably have a weak spot for rice or spaghetti. Beyond these starchy foods, however, exists a wide array of other nourishing cereal products that are just as likely to satisfy your taste buds. Do you know about “ancient grainsˮ? Quinoa, amaranthine, freekeh… Old, you say? They are finding their way to modern times! These unsung products are gaining in popularity because of their high nutritious value and their very subtle nut taste. These cereals dinstinguish themselves from maintsream ones like wheat, oatmeal, and corn because they have stayed true to their genetic footprint and were not modified. Do not let yourselves be intimidated by their out-of-the-box names… Dare to cook them and surprise your guests every time!

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Staying Healthy on Vacation

Posted by Joy McCarthy on August 23, 2012 | Wellness And Balance

When you go on vacation do you simply accept the fact you will pack on an extra 5-7 lbs after a week or two of relaxation? I have wonderful news for you, it doesn’t have to be this way!

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Making Fido Eco-Friendly

Posted by Valerie McTavish on July 17, 2012 | Green Living

Your planet-positive attitude doesn’t have to go to the dogs when it comes to your pooch. Follow these simple green tips to make man’s best friend the planet’s best friend too.

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When Organic Rhymes with Ecological

Posted by Geneviève Nadeau on July 09, 2012 | Food And Nutrition

Eating organic food is no longer a matter of being trendy – it is a choice and a responsible action that contributes to the health of our planet. One could even go further and argue that opting for organic products constitutes an “ethicalˮ choice from an animal health standpoint. As for our own health, is it improved by consuming organic products? Discover the benefits of this new life diet!

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Gluten-Free Eating: for Whom, and Why?

Posted by Geneviève Nadeau on June 05, 2012 | Food And Nutrition


In the world of nutrition, gluten is currently the talk of town. If ‘gluten-free’ products have surged in popularity, it is due in part to the critical needs of people suffering from coeliac disease (or gluten intolerance). That said, some consumers are also increasingly seeking gluten-free food simply to improve their health or to feel better. So should everyone convert to this new trend?

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No Salt Shaker... a Heartbreaker?

Posted by Geneviève Nadeau on May 25, 2012 | Food And Nutrition

Isn’t taste your first motivation to eat? Our course it is. More often than not, consumers rely on sodium (salt) to enhance the flavour of the food. Shards of fleur de sel in dark chocolate, a pinch of table salt on fresh tomatoes... Salt is sure to please our taste buds. However, like many other delights, salt should be consumed with moderation.

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Weighing Your Water Footprint

Posted by Valerie McTavish on May 25, 2012 | Green Living

We’ve all become aware of our carbon footprint, but what about the H2O we use for everyday living?

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3 ways to happiness

Posted by Joy McCarthy on May 21, 2012 | Wellness And Balance

Year after year the self-help section continues to grow in bookstores across North America. Is this a sign that we are paying more attention to the level of satisfaction and happiness in our lives by seeking out solutions in the written form? Likely so.

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3 Recipes in 30 Minutes

Posted by Geneviève Nadeau on April 27, 2012 | Food And Nutrition

I am not trying to turn you into a superhero nor to give you false hope.  My only wish is to transform you, by dinner time, into a productive chef cooking colourful and savory meals!  You only have 30 minutes to spare? Perfect! will make it worth your while! Here is a quick and healthy recipe, along with two variations that will help make your preparing meals more effective. What better way to free up some most deserved time to enjoy with your family!

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Green Tips for Green, Green Grass

Posted by Valerie McTavish on April 20, 2012 | Green Living

It may be au courant to xeriscape a yard or let a lawn go brown, but there are some people for whom a backyard full of green grass is essential. A perfect lawn doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet. From watering to maintenance to weed control, there are ways to have the lawn of your dreams without it being a nightmare to the environment.

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Is it time for a Social Detox?

Posted by Joy McCarthy on May 17, 2012 | Wellness And Balance

About five years ago I attended a six-week workshop called “The Evolution Group”. The second week’s theme was wellness and the creator, Stuart Knight asked me to prepare a speech to present about nutrition as it relates to wellness. In lieu of payment for speaking, I took his six-week class for free. It was a good deal worth making because I got more than I bargained for

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Green your Workout!

Posted by Valerie McTavish on March 23, 2012 | Green Living

Being healthy and being fit go hand in hand, but is your exercise routine unhealthy for the planet? With a few green considerations, your workout can save energy while burning it.

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